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The Founder’s Note

AliyUp is the brainchild of Dana Chocron, an Olah with the vision of facilitating and eliminating the intimidating and time-consuming bureaucracy in Israel. AliyUp specializes in tackling all of the bureaucratic and personal processes involved in Aliyah and life in Israel for Olim. We transform every Aliyah into a success story.. Every Oleh is a VIP for us.

We analyze your dreams and vision of your new life in Israel, and carefully create smart solutions for you.. Your Aliyah is unique. We create a customized and strategic roadmap to meet all of your current and future needs, then execute it from start to finish. Utilizing our experienced and trustworthy network of professionals, we expertly navigate the Israeli System -all ministries, agencies and authorities- so you don’t have to. 

We’ve proudly served as the premiere point of contact for many Olim, and continue to grow our reach, improve our service capabilities, and expand our languages every day. 

Want to learn how we can turn your dreams into your life in Israel? 

Don’t be afraid to call us. This call will be the most bureaucracy you get to do in your entire process.

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